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What is Loadshift?
Loadshift is Australia’s leading Heavy Haulage Transport Marketplace for connecting Shippers, Carriers and Pilots. Founded in 2007, we are the pioneers of digital freight in Australia. Every year, we get 120+ million km of freight requests from over 80,000 transport requests.
As a marketplace, Loadshift is the hub for individuals and businesses seeking to buy and sell the services of road transport. From Palletised Freight to a 4WD Car or a huge CAT D10 Dozer, from a Tilt Tray to a B-double Tautliner or a Drop Deck with ramps, if it’s to be transported by truck, Loadshift is the place to do business. With our new end to end freight management platform, you can securely manage your freight end to end - from getting quotes to selecting carriers through to tracking for delivery. For Shippers, you can find transport fast anytime and anywhere with Loadshift.
For Carriers, find more business for your business.
For Pilots, alert heavy carriers of your location and also receive quote requests for small freight loads.
Loadshift is a subsidiary of Freelancer Limited (ASX:FLN).
Which type of customers do you serve?
We’ve built the platform to be sophisticated and robust enough for it to streamline and enhance the supply chains of major companies while being simple enough to be used by those who have small or infrequent loads. Whether you’re a Shipper or a Carrier you’ll benefit from our safe, reliable, and convenient service. Come and try Loadshift, Australia’s leading heavy haulage marketplace!
Does Loadshift provide the freight quotations?
No. Loadshift is simply a marketplace where buyers and sellers of heavy transport deal directly with each other. Loadshift provides cargo owners (Shippers) a free service to get in contact with a nationwide network of different transport providers (Carriers) who can offer you their transport quote.
Is Loadshift a third party freight broker?
No. Loadshift is an online transport marketplace. We connect shippers and carriers. Loadshift provides an option for shippers and carriers to securely manage payment for their loads through the site.
How do I know I can trust the Carrier or Shipper in the platform?
As a Shipper it’s great to know we have verification for our carriers. We collect the carrier's insurance certificates, driving licenses, and our team verifies the required documents. Additionally, you can also see the carrier's reputation on the platform by checking out their profile.
As a Carrier it’s great to know our Milestone Payment allows a safe and secure way to promptly receive payments if you choose to do so. Shippers can pay for the loads using our Milestone Payment System, and we will hold the funds until the load is delivered and released by the Shipper.
This means both parties benefit from complete transparency and a platform that ensures you’re only ever dealing with trustworthy partners.
What types of cargo can I transport using Loadshift?
Any items that would require transport by semi-trailer, float (eg. quad/tri-axle), step-deck, B-double, road train, tipper etc.
For example: earthmoving, mining or agricultural machines and equipment, large/heavy/palletised bulk items, boats, trucks and vehicles. Please also refer to the Cargo Categories shown in our site menu.
I'm doing business with a Carrier for the first time. How should I consider transacting with them?
We encourage you to complete the transaction through the Loadshift platform to access our secure payment service. Simply ask your carrier to quote through the platform to get started. You can check out the carrier’s profile, reviews, jobs completed, and insurance status. This will give you an indication of the carrier’s reputation and work history with other shippers like you. You can also ask our friendly team for help if you are unsure. If you choose to deal directly with the carrier, we are unable to help in most circumstances and encourage you to use your best judgment.
Sign up and Login
How do I sign up as a Carrier?
Simply click Signup in the top right corner of the screen. You can also login by clicking the login button.
Finding Loads to move
Before you start looking for work, make sure that your profile is complete and updated. On, your profile will serve as your portfolio. In order to quote on projects, you will be required to verify your email and update your basic profile information. In addition to that, you need to add your preferred load types.
Once you are all set, you can start finding work through the Browse Loads page, which you can access by clicking the Browse Loads button in the top navigation bar, beside the Loadshift logo.
DashboardBrowse Loads pageView Loads Page
Get notified when a new load is posted in your preferred load types through live notifications.
Live Notifications for loads posted in preferred load type
Posting a Load
Posting loads is easy.
From the main menu bar, click Post a Load .
Describe your load and provide its requirements. Be as detailed as possible. Update your load pickup and delivery location and time. Posting a load initial stepsPosting a load initial steps Add accurate dimensions and load type information so that transport operators can provide detailed quotes. Upload any photos and files (optional) that can help explain your load requirements more clearly. Specify the required vehicle types (optional) if there are any.
Click the Post Load button.
Posting a load final stepsPosting a load final steps
What happens after I post a load and submit a request for quotation?
Your request for quotations will be alerted to the Loadshift carrier community. Carriers capable of servicing your request will respond directly to you with quotations. These quotes may be submitted by Loadshift members directly via phone call or through the Loadshift platform.
How long does it take to receive quotations?
Quotation response varies, from within 5 minutes of requesting, through to during the course of the day.
Is there any cost to request freight quotation?
No cost and obligation-free. If you would like to pay for the load through the site using our secure milestone payment feature, we charge a 3.3% fee. Refer to Loadshift fees for more details.
Is my request listing viewable by just anyone?
Your listing is not available to the general public; it can only be viewed by Carriers that have registered with Loadshift.
Quoting on Loads
Click Browse Loads from the main menu and view lists of Loads available to quote on.
To view more details about the loads that you are interested in, simply click on the view button. Read the load description. When you are certain that the load is right for you, start filling out the quote form found below the load description. Enter your quote amount, delivery time, and detailed proposal. If you are registered for GST, you can include GST on your quote by adding your sales tax information in the Payment & Financials section of your account settings. On the Suggest a milestone part, you can suggest how you would like to get paid.
Click Place quote to submit your quote.
Quoting on a load if not registered for GST
Quoting on Loads if you are registered for GST:
If you are registered for GST, you can enter the amount including GST. You can do that by setting up a sales tax in the Payments & Financials section of your account settings. Here is how your quote form will look if you set up your tax settings. Simply enter the amount you want to receive (inclusive of GST). If you are a Loadshift member, you will not have to pay any fees. Refer to Loadshift fees for more details.
Quoting on a load if registered for GST
Deleting a Load
Use one of the following 3 options…
Phone or email Loadshift.
Click “Click Link” found in the confirmation email sent to you at the time of listing.
Login to your Loadshift account and delete the listing from your dashboard. Deleting a Load
Can Loadshift help me with my transport transaction?
Yes, Loadshift can help you with your transport transaction. You can use our secure milestone payment system to pay for your load. Please refer to the FAQ on milestone payment system for details of fees and charges associated with using our payment system.
As a carrier, who sets the freight rate?
All Carriers are responsible for quoting their own freight rate.
As a carrier, who pays me?
If you choose to deal through our secure milestone payment system, you can get paid through the site by the shipper. Please see the FAQ on milestone payments for more details. You can choose to deal directly with the shipper, in which case, shippers are responsible for directly paying the carriers that supply them transport services.
Loadshift Fees
It is free to sign up , post loads , submit quotes, and discuss project requirements. If you choose to award a load to a carrier, we may charge a small fee relative to the value of the selected quote, as an introduction fee.
Fees are generally non-refundable. Refund or adjustment requests for these fees are subject to review prior to approval.
For Shippers
Loadshift is free to sign up, post a load, receive quotes from transport operators, review the transport operator's profile, and discuss the requirements. If you choose to award the project, and the transport operator accepts, we charge you a small fee relative to the value of the selected quote as an introduction fee.
A fee of 3.3% or $5.50 AUD (whichever is greater) is levied at the time a load that has been awarded by you has been accepted by each transport operator you award. The fees include GST.
To illustrate, let's have a $1000 load. As soon as the awarded transport operator accepts, a fee of $33 will be charged.
For member Carriers
Loadshift is free to sign up, create a profile, select your preferred load types, receive load notifications, discuss load details with the shipper, and quote on loads through the site.
If you are on one of our membership plans, you will not be charged any fee on your quotes. The amount you quote is the amount paid to you.
For non-member Carriers
Loadshift is free to sign up, create a profile, select your preferred load types, receive load notifications, discuss load details with the shipper, and quote on loads through the site.
If you are awarded a load, upon release of payment, we charge you a small fee relative to the value of the selected quote as an introduction fee. If you are subsequently paid more than the original quote amount, we will also charge the fee on any overage payments.
The fee for loads is 11% or $5.50 AUD, whichever is greater. The fees include GST. If you are registered for GST, you can choose to break down your quote so that it includes GST. You can do that by setting up a sales tax. To illustrate, let's have a load where your quote is $1123.60 AUD. You will be charged a fee of $121 AUD (calculated as 11% of $1123.60). Upon delivery of the load, you will be paid $1000.
Quoting on a load if registered for GST
If you are not registered for GST, you can choose to quote without seeing the GST breakdown in your quote. To illustrate, let’s have a load where you quote $1000. You will not see any GST breakdown in this case. You will be charged a fee of $110 AUD. Therefore, the net amount paid you will receive in this case is $890 AUD after deduction of the fees. Below is an example of a quote form if you are not registered for GST and quote without enabling the GST breakdown.
Quoting on a load if not registered for GST
Milestone Payments
The Milestone Payment system is the recommended mode of payment for transport operators on the site. It offers protection to both shippers and transport operators by giving equal control over payments for awarded loads. Every Milestone Payment that is created will have its own invoice that can be viewed and downloaded from the project page itself. Using the Milestone Payment System also makes our Dispute Resolution Service available to you, which allows contesting the return or release of in-progress Milestone Payments.
For Shippers
Creating Milestone Payments automatically charges the shipper's account balance or verified payment method. will then hold the funds until the shipper chooses to release them to their transport operator.
From the project’s Payments page, under Created Milestones, you can view the Milestone Payment you created. Under actions, you have the following options: 1) Release, 2) Request Cancellation, and 3) Dispute.
Releasing Milestone Payments transfers the funds to the carrier’s account. By releasing payments, the shipper acknowledges that the load has been delivered.
For Transport Operators
You can view the created Milestone Payments from the project page.
Under actions, you have the following options for the Milestone Payment: 1) Request Release, 2) Cancel, and 3) Dispute.
Cancelling Milestone Payments cancels the pending payment and returns the funds to the shipper's account. Note that cancelled Milestone Payments can no longer be disputed through the Dispute Resolution Service.
Adding GST to your quotes
If you are registered for GST, you can follow the below steps to add GST to your quotes.
Click Settings from the main menu. Adding GST to your quotes, Step 1 Click Payment & Financials. Adding GST to your quotes, Step 2 Add a Sales Tax by providing your ABN. Adding GST to your quotes, Step 3 Once you have successfully saved a Sales Tax, GST will be automatically added to all your quotes. We will also automatically generate an invoice between you and the client, and GST will be recorded in the invoice automatically.
How do I submit documents for verification?
If you choose to verify your identity, you will need to upload the following documents to the Loadshift Carrier Verification page:
Withdrawing Funds
Driver Licence (front & back)
Click on Australian Driver Licence Input Expiry date of license Upload Front page and Back page of the license
Click Upload to submit your document information for review
Certificate of Currency for Public Liability
Click on Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Input Expiry date of license Upload Certificate of Currency for Public Liability document
Click Upload to submit your document information for review
Withdrawing Earned Funds
Transport operators can withdraw their earnings any of these methods:
(Bank) Express Withdrawal (Bank) Wire transfer: minimum withdrawal amount is $500 USD PayPal: requires PayPal verification Skrill: only supports EUR and GBP
You are required to verify your account before you can start a withdrawal. Click here to upload the vetting documents.
When your account is fully vetted and you are ready to withdraw, follow the steps below. Make sure to use your own withdrawal account details. And for the address field, use your physical address. An address in/containing a P.O Box is not accepted.
Click your profile picture thumbnail from the main menu bar. Then, choose Withdraw funds. Select your preferred method to receive your earnings, and provide the details required for your selected withdrawal method.We recommend that you use Express Withdrawal to withdraw your funds faster. Indicate how much you wish to withdraw
Click Withdraw Funds to submit your request.
Withdrawing Funds
To validate your request, a verification code will be sent to your phone number every time you file a withdrawal. After successfully entering the correct code, a Pending Withdrawals section, where you will see the details and status of your withdrawal, will appear in the Withdrawals page.
Pending Withdrawals
Cut-off and Processing Times
Withdrawal requests will follow these cut-off and processing times:
7 AM on Monday AEST (Sydney time)
To be processed Tuesday (Sydney time)
7 AM on Thursday AEST (Sydney time
To be processed Tuesday (Sydney time)
Note that only one withdrawal request can be processed at a time. If you attempt to submit a new withdrawal request while the first one is yet to be processed, you will need to cancel the existing request so you can submit a new one with your desired amount and withdrawal method.
What are the benefits of Loadshift membership?
Loadshift membership allows you to access the contact details of shippers so you can contact the shippers directly.
Can I share my Loadshift subscription with others?
No. Your subscription is to be used only by the business that has purchased it. Any account sharing will result in an instant suspension with no refund.
How can I contact you if I have a problem?
Get immediate support Mon-Fri: 7am-6pm, Sat-Sun: 9am-3pm (AEST):
Outside Support hours: Leave a message for Support
Mobile apps
How do I access the Loadshift App?
If you would like to download our Android app, here . If you would like to download our iOS app here .
Other issues
I am having difficulty logging in on my iPhone/iPad
The user interface of your device can sometimes interfere with your logging in.
The following procedure may be of assistance. From an “iDevice” perspective:
Select "Settings"
Select "Safari"
Select "Clear History & Website Data"
How do I sign up as a Pilot?
Please visit Pricing and choose the plan that suits you. The Pilot feature is temporarily unavailable for further improvement and should be launched shortly.
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